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The commitment behind Farmweld sow feeders is to provide a high-quality, durable and efficient product. Farmweld sow feeders are designed to provide ready access to fresh feed to ensure your lactating sows are productive and healthy, which also translates to robust piglets.

Farmweld Sow Feeders are durable and easy to clean. All sow feeders feature fully welded 100%, #304 stainless steel (the same material used to store corrosive industrial chemicals). This means feeders can stand up to the rigors of sows, resist damage and corrosion. All have hemmed edges to prevent injuries and a quick-release, tip-out feature for easy cleaning.

Four sow feeder types provide a broad selection for different production situations. From the LaborSaver™ to hand-feeding options like the Deflector as well as wet/dry options, Farmweld has designed a solution for all producers.

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Round Bottom


With the Farmweld LaborSaver Sow Feeder, the sow moves the agitator with her nose to let a small amount of feed into the trough. As she continues eating and moving the agitator, more feed is delivered.

The Farmweld Deflector Sow Feeder is a dry feeder designed for producers who hand-feed sows, but it also can be punched to use in an ad-libitum feeding system.

The Round-bottom Sow Feeder allows the sow to drink while eating, yet minimizes waste and provides more headroom to enhance sow comfort. It can be punched to use in an ad-lib feeding system.

The Shelf Sow Feeder features a raised-shelf, allowing the sow to eat comfortably and keeps feed fresh. A click-adjust makes it easy to set precise flow settings and ensures even feed distribution, while a feed clean-out allows for easy cleaning.

All Farmweld sow feeders complement the Farmweld A-Crate™, Modular Cast Center Platform, and Warming Panel™ for superior sow comfort and pig performance.

Download our Farmweld Sow Feeder document (PDF) to learn more about what we offer. 

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