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Farmweld Sow30 ad lib dispenser™flexible, efficient, optimal condition

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Match sow and gilt needs with the ideal feeder combination, the Farmweld Sow30 ad lib dispenser™ and a Farmweld Sow Feeder or GestATE Feeder. The union of these two products allows continual access to feed for self-regulation and optimal condition. They also increase milk production and piglet survivability.

The commitment behind all of our sow and gilt feed options is to provide an efficient product. The Farmweld Sow30 ad lib dispenser combined with Farmweld sow feeders are designed to provide ready access to fresh feed to ensure your lactating sows are productive and healthy, which also translates to robust pigs.

Farmweld Sow Feeders are durable and easy to clean. All sow feeders feature fully welded 100%, #304 stainless steel (the same material used to store corrosive industrial chemicals). This means feeders can stand up to the rigors of sows, resist damage and corrosion. All have hemmed edges to prevent injuries and a quick-release, tip-out feature for easy cleaning.

Download our Farmweld Sow30 ad lib dispenser document (PDF) to learn more about what we offer.

Large feed bowls keep sows eating and minimize waste. University research shows feed waste averages less than 1 percent because sows stand and eat comfortably over the large bowl. Each Farmweld sow feeder features a bowl that is 16″ (407 mm) wide. A high front lip means feed stays in the feeder and doesn’t drop into the pit.

Feeder position ensures a comfortable environment for sow and litter. Each feeder is mounted 4″ (102 mm) up from the floor, allowing air to flow freely throughout the crate. This provides the sow with plenty of room to rest and sleep, and gives piglets and escape space.

Farmweld Deflector Sow Feeder.

This dry feeder is designed for producers who hand-feed sows, but it also can be punched to use in an ad-libitum feeding system.

The feed bowl’s wider, taller design promotes efficient feed consumption. More headroom enhances sow comfort during eating and reduces the risk of injury.

Farmweld Round-bottom Sow Feeder.

This feeder allows the sow to drink while eating, yet minimizes waste. The Edstrom™ nipple is positioned within the feed pan and can be mounted on the left or right side of the feeder.

The feeder can be punched to use in an ad-lib feeding system and measures 26″ (661 mm) tall.

The Sow30 ad lib dispenser can also be coupled with the Farmweld GestATE Feeder to promote individualized feeding in gestation, resulting in optimal condition per each female’s needs.

Training gilts to use an individual feeder in gestation, prior to the stress of farrowing, is a great time to lessen one key stress factor prior to birthing. Previous experience with a sow feeder means she’ll start eating sooner after farrowing, equating to more milk and a greater number of robust piglets.

Farmweld Sow Feeders complement the Farmweld A-Crate™, Modular Cast Center Platform, Warming Panel™ and Gestation Stall for superior sow comfort and pig performance.

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