Installation Videos

Farmweld has started creating short equipment installation videos. We’ll be adding to this bank of videos on this page as well as on the Farmweld YouTube channel.

The Farmweld Sales Team works in tandem with one another on each project. That benefits producers so not only does your sales representative know the nuances of your particular project, but so do our inside sales reps. With each barn comes unique situations, wants, and needs. We are happy to walk you through any installation instructions that are particular to your barn, so please call your sales representative or our office inside sales reps to discuss your project in detail. We are here for any questions that may arise or if you want to talk through your particular installation prior to installing.

In an effort to ship all project items in a uniform, well-packaged way that is easy to install at the barn, Farmweld ships all hardware in buckets with labels on each bucket. The labels indicating what is inside and how many buckets of hardware there are for the particular project. In the bucket labeled 1 of the total number, you will find the installation instructions and barn layout drawing for that exact barn project. Inside each bucket, the hardware is separated into individuals bags labeled with the type of hardware in that bag and which type of equipment or post that hardware connects to.

Each pallet of equipment has a tag attached that specifies what equipment is on that pallet and its given letter, if gating, or number, if the post, that corresponds with the barn layout.

Understanding the Drawing

Shipping and Hardware

Installing Flat-to-Flat Gating

Installing Drop Pin Gates

Installing Flip-Latch Gates

Installing Storage Brackets To Gating

Installing Feeders & Feed Tube Holders

Installing Water Cups to Gating

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