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Innovated, High-Quality Pig Equipment and Superior Customer Service

Hog Equipment

Farmweld is known for its innovation, high-quality pig equipment and superior customer service. We pride ourself on listening to producers and finding ways to partner with them to make raising hogs easier. Our innovation is a direct result of working with producers and listening to what they have to say.

















What our customers say

“It is amazing how fast they take off on the feeder – they just learn to jump in and eat. And the feeders are easy to clean and easy to set.”

Ross Kuper

“From grower to grower, when you say that certain number, 27, which is where my feeders are set, it’s consistent. I’d say that’s a plus to go from one grower to the next and get uniform adjustment numbers. Once you set the R adjust to a place where the pigs are keeping the shelf clean and dry, as well as keeping the pan clean, there’s not much adjustment.”

Bob Keller

“I can adjust them just the way I want them.””It is so simple to spin the feeder – one person can do it, and it makes washing the barn so much easier,” explains Shane Christensen.”If you have a slight disease problem and you don’t get the feeders clean, it can pass right on through to the next group of pigs,” he says.

Shane Christensen

Please feel free to submit your inquiry below, or give us a call at 800-EAT-PORK

Efficient Manufacturing Techniques

Efficient manufacturing techniques, including the same robotic welding technology used in the auto industry, enable Farmweld to mass-produce highly-uniform, precise equipment. While automation streamlines production, each Farmweld feeder is hand-welded and signed by a master welder.

Constant dialog takes place between sales, design, manufacturing, and shipping departments to see that orders are delivered according to the customer’s exact specification. Farmweld staff members sit down for a short meeting every day to discuss the workflow and production schedule including trucking and any unique product needs. This keeps projects on track and all aspects taken care of so the producer has the best experience.