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Farmweld Jumbo Feeder™. – promotes natural eating, minimum waste

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Leading swine veterinarians and equipment consultants recommend the Farmweld Jumbo Feeder for finishing and wean-to-finish. The wide, deep feed pans and highly accurate adjustment system minimize feed waste and help boost conversion ratios. The large overall size gives hogs more headroom.

The Farmweld Jumbo Feeder offers the patented R adjust™ System with easy-to-read technology. The revolutionary R adjust System provides INFINITE control over feed adjustments, better control over feed costs, and easier management, all with no more clicks. The R adjust System’s innovative assembly uses a combination of tension, friction, and leverage for concise, worry-free control over feed dispersion.

“Ideal feeders have a large feeding area so pigs can eat unobstructed. When a pig raises its head during normal eating, feed should drop in the pan, not on the floor.”
Dr. Michael C. Brumm

Extension Swine Specialist, University of Nebraska

Download our Farmweld Jumbo Feeder document (PDF) to learn more about what we offer. 

A Farmweld Jumbo Feeder with solid dividers will pay for itself in three years because hogs finish more uniformly than hogs on feeders with open rod dividers. With solid dividers, pigs can’t see each other so they stay calmer and remain focused on eating. Submissive hogs keep pace with more aggressive pen mates.

Research proves that pigs on Farmweld Jumbo Feeders with solid dividers have less variation in weight (less sort loss) plus higher daily gains vs. pigs on Farmweld open rod feeders. This was demonstrated in a trial conducted by Dr. Steve Dritz, Kansas State University, and Joseph F. Connor, DVM, Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd.

Farmweld Jumbo Feeders – Ideal for wean-to-finish – promote a quick start for early-weaned pigs and less sort loss at finishing.

The value of reduced sort loss is $113 per feeder per year or about 84 cents per pig assuming 50 pigs per feeder per year, according to Drs. Dritz and Connor. Based on sort loss alone, a Farmweld Jumbo Feeder will typically pay for itself in three years. Another significant economic benefit of solid dividers is less trim loss in the head and shoulder area due to less fighting.

– KSU-Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd. trial

The Farmweld Jumbo Feeder is widely recognized as the leading choice for wean-to-finish systems where hogs as small as 7 pounds (3.18 kg) to market weight are housed. Early-weaned pigs in wean-to-finish barns take off quickly. The low, 4 3/4″ (121 mm) front lip and wide feed spaces provide for good feed access and minimum waste. Baby pigs often share a feeding space with a pen mate or two. Experts say this facilitates ideal social eating. Solid dividers mean smaller pigs can’t get trapped in feeders.

“Producers can expect .2 improvement or more in feed:grain ratios just by replacing older, hard-to-adjust feeders with a newer design that offers precise adjustment.”
– Dr. Mike Tokach, Animal Science Professor, Kansas State University


The overall larger size of the Farmweld Jumbo Feeder means better eating efficiency. Feed spaces are 14″ (356 mm) wide and 12″ (305 mm) deep, providing 70% more headroom than traditional finishing feeders.

Added headroom allows larger pigs to stand and eat more naturally. That promotes enhanced consumption and low feed waste according to animal science experts.

Dr. Hans Stein, South Dakota State University, says, “Proper feeder design should allow for the pig to raise its head while eating without having to back out of the feeder. If the pig is too big for the feeder and uncomfortable, then it is going to waste more feed.”

Fewer feed spaces are needed per pen – each space can accommodate up to ten pigs. A slightly smaller Farmweld Junior
Feeder is also available. Feed spaces on the Junior are 14″ (356 mm) wide by 10″ (254 mm) deep.

Farmweld Jumbo and Junior Feeders are both 36″ (914 mm) tall. That means greater hopper capacity without having to add extension boxes. The tall height restricts pigs from eating from the top of the feeder and keeps them away from the drop tubes.

The R adjust with easy-to-read numbering system allows infinite, accurate feeder adjustment. The feeder features the R adjust that allows for finely tuned adjustments that match feed flow with eating behavior. So, just the right amount of feed is delivered to the pan. Any pig can eat comfortably and efficiently without wasting feed. The R adjust System’s innovative numeric dial indicates the precise setting for opening and closing the feeder.

Four feeder lengths to meet your needs – 28″ (712 mm) with 2 feed spaces, 20 pigs per side; 42″ (1,067 mm) with 3 feed spaces, 30 pigs per side; 56″ (1,423 mm) with 4 feed spaces, 40 pigs per side, and 70″ (1,779 mm) with 5 feed spaces, 50 pigs per side.

Crank adjustments are available upon request.

Please feel free to submit your inquiry below, or give us a call at 800-EAT-PORK

What our customers say about our Jumbo feeders.

“The pigs really stand out, and you can catch any problems earlier,” says Gary Lawyer. “You can see if you missed any spots during power-washing,” Gary says.“The pigs are doing extremely well (in the nursery) and seem to be pretty comfortable.”.

Gary Lawyer

“We can train virtually anyone across our entire system to adjust and maintain the feeders,” Lynn Becker says. “Our feeders that have been working for 16 years work just as well as newer feeders we’ve used for only one year. The feeders are durable, dependable and consistent,” concludes Lynn.

Lynn Becker

“There was a one to two percent drop (in mortality rates) versus our old farrowing rooms,” Randy Koehl says. Randy believes the combination of the wider creep areas and Farmweld crates helped lower pre-weaning mortality rates.

Randy Koehl

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