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Now you can have the proven performance advantages of Farmweld’s dry feeders and the ease of a clean-in-place system with Farmweld’s Flip-to-Clean™ pig fencing system.

The Flip-to-Clean system allows the feeder to be rotated upside down for thorough cleaning – without the need for removing the feeder from the fence line.

Feeders can be locked in two positions for cleaning and drip drying after cleaning. With biosecurity always top-of-mind, draining all the water out of the feed pan is good practice. With the Flip-to-Clean this is easy and no longer a concern. Since the feeder is upside-down gravity takes care of this for you.

“It is so simple to spin the feeder – one person can do it, and it makes washing the barn so much easier,” explains Shane Christensen.“If you have a slight disease problem and you don’t get the feeders clean, it can pass right on through to the next group of pigs,” he says.
Shane Christensen

Cleanup crews will love how easy it is to clean and dry all angles of the feeder with the Flip-to-Clean system. The Flip-to-Clean protects the slats from being damaged and the hog feeder from being knocked over while power washing.

The feeder rotates easily when empty and the chain system keeps it from moving during cleaning. One person can easily clean a pig feeder in standard size pens or big pens equipped with large, five-hole Farmweld Jumbo Feeders, decreasing the number of people needed to lift and move 

feeders. Thus, reducing cleanup hassle and saving time. Employees can apply their efforts towards animal observation and care, barn maintenance, waste removal or one of many other jobs.

The Farmweld Flip-to-Clean pig fencing system can be utilized with the Farmweld Challenger Nursery Feeder™ on Farmweld Nursery Gating and the Farmweld Jumbo Feeder™ on Farmweld Wean-to-Finish Gating.

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What our customers say about our Flip-to-Clean™ system.

“It is such a simple, easy concept, yet the efficiency it enables is monumental,” remarks Randy Leman. “Without Flip-to-Clean, you have to tip the feeder up on one end, and it is not easy to access all parts of the feeder. This allows you to clean faster and better.”

Randy Leman

“Feeders of that size are heavy, and with the Flip-to-Clean, you can easily flip them and get underneath. I think you get a better wash job in the end,”

Ezra Baer

“Flip-to-Clean System trims about 15 minutes off cleaning each feeder.”

Joe Boose

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