XtraRoom Headgate™

Farmweld XtraRoom Headgate™. – Durable, Productive, Versatile.

Sow comfort and piglet safety are key to maximizing farrowing room productivity. Sows are larger than before, and some producers find themselves needing to increase the size of their farrowing crates. In some buildings, that change just isn’t possible without decreasing capacity. The Farmweld XtraRoom Headgate™ allows the sow more headspace when laying down but does so without bumping into the aisle.

Designed to allow the space under the feeder to be utilized, the XtraRoom Headgate aids in providing sows with fresh, cool air while still maintaining the micro-environment of the piglets.

Download our Farmweld XtraRoom Headgate document (PDF) to learn more about what we offer.

The Farmweld XtraRoom Headgate is designed to utilize the space under the feeder to provide continual airflow to the sow. This
added cool air goes directly to the sow to help her cool down and decrease heat stress while not interrupting the warm micro-environment of her piglets.

The XtraRoom Headgate works well with the Farmweld Farrowing package, including Farmweld A-Crate™, creating more room and added ventilation for the sow.

The A-Crate is made of solid-rod construction for superior durability. The design maximizes room available to the sow from head-gate to the rump bars and assembly involves minimal pieces and two bolts for quick and easy installation.

The A-Crate has low backsides – just 25” (635 mm) from the floor, giving the farrowing-room crew easy access to the sow and piglets without having to open or climb over gates. Finger-bar or bow-bar options are available.

Swinging Rump Guard gates open forward and backward, giving workers excellent access to assist during farrowing even when the sow is lying up against the gate. It also makes it easy to clean up behind the sow.

Pig Saver Flip Bars ensure the sow will ease herself down slowly, which protects baby pigs, yet the sow can stand up without restriction.

These Pig Saver Flip Bars have no sharp edges and are welded at the factory, so no additional installation is required at the farm.

Front and back gates both have quick-release, making it simple to manipulate with just one hand. Nonremovable pins mean they won’t get dropped or misplaced.

Stainless steel is used in high-wear areas for durability. The back gate has a solid-rod steel frame with a stainless steel insert. The back of the crate has stainless steel feet.

Solid-rod construction provides superior durability, and the rounded corners enhance safety. The two-bolt assembly makes installation quick and easy. A-Crate sizes come in lengths of 7’ (2.13 m), 7’ 6” (2.29 m) and 8’ (2.44 m).

The durable Modular Cast Center Platform, with fiberglass beams, provides a cool, comfortable surface for the sow; meanwhile piglets stay warm on plastic panels that interlock into the cast sections.

The Farmweld Warming Panel™ reduces drafts to keep newborn piglets warm, and the panel texture offers superior traction. Made with virgin polypropylene material, the interlocking design integrates seamlessly into the farrowing platforms, beams and flooring system. Sizes allow producers flexibility in determining coverage area.

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