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The Farmweld Warming Panel reduces drafts and keeps newborn piglets warmer. Usable in nursery areas as a warming center. Made with virgin polypropylene material. Panel texture offers superior traction to improve the stability of newborn piglets. Strategically placed holes allow urine to escape and not pool. Also, piglets can start a feed on these panels if the weaning age is being increased.

The Farmweld Farrowing package establishes microenvironments within the farrowing crate and creep area to meet both the sow’s and piglets’ divergent thermal comfort zones, thus keeping each comfortable. Though if a warming center is desired, a heat lamp placed over top The Farmweld Warming Panel is usable in nursery areas to fit this need.

Biosecurity is essential, so the Farmweld Warming Panel is designed for in-place easy cleaning, and the same holes that allow urine to escape also allow the panels to dry quickly. With less movement of these panels versus mats, less wear and tear occur, yielding less replacement cost in the future.

The Farmweld Warming Panel is a solid creep area that cleans up nicely and doesn’t allow urine to pool. Pigs huddle on the Warming Panel, which provides an even heat source with a heat lamp overhead. Also, employees prefer to wash the Warming Panels over rubber mats because they don’t have to move it, scrub it down and dry it before moving it again,”
Abbey Briscoe

Veterinarian & Part-Owner, Pitchco Inc., Montrose, IL.

Download our Farmweld Warming Panel document (PDF) to learn more about what we offer. 

The Warming Panel has the same superior quality as other Farmweld Flooring Systems™. Interlocking design and size allows producers flexibility in determining coverage area. Integrates seamlessly with current Farmweld cast platform, beams, and Farmweld Flooring System™. Farmweld Warming Panels are 18″ (457 mm) wide or 24″ (610 mm) wide x 8″ (203 mm) long.

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