Fiberbeams™ – solid fiberglass design that provides stronger, more stable, and durable flooring supports. The solid-filled construction leaves no gaps for rodents to infest. For added durability, fiberglass beam clips protect the fiberglass beam from wear and tear, therefore a rubber beam clip should be used on each end of Fiberbeams where the beam touches concrete.

Fiberbeams come in a range of sizes. To best meet the specific needs of your buildings, Farmweld offers a range of different beam sizes, with standard sizes of ¼″ x 3″ (6 mm x 76 mm) and ¼″ x 5″ (6 mm x 127 mm). Farmweld Fiberbeam spans available include 84″, 90″, 96″, 120″ and 144″. In listening to producers, we’ve found these sizes to be easier to handle and more forgiving if the concrete poured doesn’t exactly match the plans.

Farmweld Fiberbeams allow a maximum eight-foot span under the weight of the sow. In nursery application, with pigs up to 90 pounds, Fiberbeams create a ten-foot span for 24″ centers and a twelve-foot span for 18″ centers.

Farmweld Fiberbeams are designed to be utilized in conjunction with Farmweld Flooring, not only in pig nurseries but also as farrowing flooring used in tandem with Farmweld Modular Cast Center Platform and Warming Panels. The durability, stability, airflow, and appropriate drainage of these combinations will support your production system for years to come.

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What our customers say about our Fiberbeams.

“Some companies sell long support beams. Farmweld Fiberbeams come in shorter lengths (7′ to 12′) and are more forgiving if the concrete is off a little.”

Paul Winter

Installer, Sheldon, IA

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