Square Water Cup

Durable, flexible, cost-effective

The Farmweld Square Water Cup is designed with the producer and the pig in mind. The cup and downward nipple-valve position minimize water waste, yet provide an ample water supply to the pigs. A fresh-water reservoir is especially effective in attracting early-weaned pigs to the cup, helping them get off to a fast start. Even the smallest pigs have no trouble working the cup’s nipple valve. The enclosed nipple prevents pig injuries and reduces carcass-trim loss at the packing plant compared to standard nipple brackets.


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Farmweld Square Water cups are ideal for use in nurseries, wean-to-finish units or conventional finishing barns. Construction is solid, materials are durable and installation is easy.

From weaning all the way to finishing, the square water cup can accommodate pigs weighing from 7 pounds to 280 pounds (3.18 to 127.3 kg).

Early-weaned pigs start faster. The fresh-water reservoir naturally attracts just-weaned pigs, helping them find and adapt to the cup’s nipple quickly.

The closed-cup design minimizes water waste and medication costs. Valuable medication is consumed, not splashed down the pit. It also keeps water in the reservoir clean and fresh, ensuring an ample water supply easily accessible to the pigs.

The enclosed nipple means fewer injuries and less carcass-trim loss compared to standard nipple brackets. Pigs disengage the flow of water as it reaches their nostril, so there’s no wasting — just drinking.

Each square water cup houses a stainless steel Edstrom™ nipple, as well as an Edstrom wet feeder valve.

Stainless steel promotes long life and sanitation. The cup is made of #304-grade stainless steel and has hemmed, open edges for safety and easy cleaning. Also, stainless steel cleans up thoroughly without leaving behind scummy residues.

One cup serves up to 30 pigs and measures 6 ¼″ (159 mm) wide by 6 ½″ (165 mm) deep.

Farmweld Square Water Cups require no height adjustment during the feeding period. That means less labor compared to maintaining traditional nipple waterers.

Installation is quick and easy. The square water cup includes a 48″ (1.2 m) stainless-steel, round water pipe with ½″ (13 mm), female threads on both ends.

Durable construction adds value and stability. The pipe attaches to the gate brackets with U-bolts. A stainless steel bracket to secure the water pipe to the gate also is available. The back-plate is made of 12-gauge, stainless-steel, with 16-gauge, stainless-steel used for the rest of the system.

Download our Farmweld’s Square Water Cup document (PDF) to learn more about what we offer.

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