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Maintaining sow health and keeping her eating influences reproductive performance today through the number of live piglets. The Farmweld GestATE Feeder allows each sow or gilt to be fed individually to find that perfect balance of feed intake and body condition.

Also, a great way to train gilts, The Farmweld GestATE Feeder exposes gilts to an individual bowl feeder prior to farrowing — one less stress factor for first-time mothers.

Utilized for gestation feeding, the Farmweld GestATE Feeder large feed bowl, at 16” (407 mm) wide, keeps gilts and sows eating and minimizes waste. A high front lip means feed stays in the feeder and doesn’t drop into the pit.

This Feeder allows for dry or wet feeding. When the ability for the sow to drink while eating is desired, an Edstrom™ nipple is positioned within the feed pan, mounted on the left or right side of the feeder.

“I’m tickled to death with the Farmweld Paddle Feeder. We never have plugged feeders and can start any age of pig.”
Steve Toohill

Toohill Farms

Download our Farmweld GestATE Feeder™ document (PDF) to learn more about what we offer. 

Measuring 15.5″ (394 mm) tall, the Farmweld GestATE Feeder works in conjunction with the Farmweld Sow30 ad-lib dispenser.

The Farmweld GestATE Feeder™ is durable and easy to clean, featuring fully welded 100%, #304 stainless steel; it stands up to the rigors of females and resists damage and corrosion. All edges are hemmed to prevent injuries and a quick-release, the tip-out feature makes cleaning easy.

Training gilts to use an individual feeder in gestation, prior to the stress of farrowing, is a great time to lessen one key stress factor prior to birthing. Previous experience with a sow feeder means she’ll start eating sooner after farrowing, equating to more milk and a greater number of robust piglets.

The Farmweld Sow30 ad-lib dispenser can be used in conjunction with the GestATE Feeder so each female can self-regulate her feed level for her need. This combines to advantages of both products with user-friendly design, top-grade materials, and world-class workmanship to provide value, condition, performance, and efficiency.

The Farmweld GestATE Feeder and Sow30 ad-lib dispenser are designed to work with Farmweld Gestation Stalls.

Farmweld Gestation Stalls feature solid-rod construction for durability and longevity. For added insurance, the bottom 7″ (178 mm) of the stall is stainless steel. Standard rods are 3/4″ (19 mm) top rods and 5/8″ (16 mm) inner rods. Upgrades are available for 7/8″ (22 mm) top rods and 3/4″ (19 mm) inner rods for an even heavier stall.

Select the size to best fit your needs. Stalls are available in 22″ (559 mm), 23″ (584 mm) or 24″ (610 mm) on center, and available in lengths of 7′ (2.13 m) or 7′ 6″ (2.28 m). Other lengths are available upon request.

Provide workers with safe and easy access to the sow. Low side panels at the rear of the stall offer workers easy maneuverability and room to work. Gestation stalls are available with or without a step-through back gate, giving artificial insemination technicians superior access to the sow without having to climb over high gates.

Swing gates at both the front and rear of the stall make it easy to move sows when needed. The non-removable pull-pins ensure that the pins won’t get in the way or lost.

To enhance stability each gestation stall has four galvanized bolt-on, angle-iron top straps per stall. To make installation quick and easy, there are stainless-steel, bolt-on bottom straps.

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